Friday, April 01, 2005

What Air Supply Means To Me II

Air Supply inspires me to lead a life in accord with transcendent values.

Life is relentless and we need inspiration as we trudge along. For many years, Air Supply gave me such inspiration. Their lyrics articulated what I felt but could rarely say (except in that rare relationship or in therapy).

Air Supply gives me a taste of the transcendent. As with all those who articulate a higher way of loving, they are easy to make fun of.

I've been told that my essay on Air Supply was the first non-cynical thing I've written in a long time.

So if I were to live in fidelity to Air Supply's lyrics on their 30th anniversary May 12, I will have to be genuine for longer than five minutes, and be emotionally honest and courageous.

I admit that to speak with the honesty of Air Supply's lyrics would be inappropriate most of the time, even with your girlfriend or wife. It's too much. But Air Supply articulates what I have often felt, and even if it wasn't right most of the time to give voice to such feelings, it made me feel better that somewhere else had on my behalf.